Bam Dev Panthi

भेटायो जस्तो सेवा प्रधान गर्ने एप मैले पहिलो चोटी प्रयोग गरेको हो। यो एपको मार्फत मैले धेरै ओटा काम पाएको छु र ग्राहकहरूसंग मेरो चिनजान पनि बढेको छ। पहिला म, मेरो एरियको मात्र काम हेर्ने गरेको थिए, तर अहिले मैले नया नया लोकेशनमा गएर काम गर्ने मौका पाएको छु।
आगामी दिनहरूमा पनि भेटायो संग आबद्ध भएर अझै राम्रो काम गर्ने आशा राखेको छु

Hareram Shah

We are really very happy to work with Bhetayo. The company is helping us to market our service getting many works from them. We are able to expand our service to a large audience. We look forward to working with Bhetayo in days to come as well.

Kritika Shrestha

I ordered SS tank from Bhetayo before Dashain. At first, I was skeptical about the product since the price was comparatively low than the market price. But I received the product on time and on very good condition. Later I reordered another 1K ltr SS tank and there was no change in my expectation.

Binni Gurung

I have started Parlor Service for long time. Though service was same for me but connecting customer digitally via Bhetayo was different. It is exciting for me as I am serving new customer and growing my business as well. I am very excited and enjoying connecting with Bhetayo.

Sandesh Acharya

Bhetayo and ANPC is together since 7 month and we are happy that we are able to get many works from bhetayo. The company is helping us to market our service in the larger audience. We hope the bond gets stronger between us and bhetayo in coming days.

Sunaina Rayamajhi

I found it easy to access the repair service and it was quick and reasonable too. I hope to order more service in near future.


We used to have a lot of trouble getting pest control, repair, and maintenance services in the past. However, after using Bhetayo’s Service, we are quite pleased. All of our needs are met by a single app. Highly recommended !

Binju Shrestha

I used Parlor at home service multiple times and found it very prompt and convenient. Overall it was a very good experience.

Padam Bahadur Sunuwar

बिगत १७ बर्ष देखिइ निरन्तर प्लम्बिङ पेसा गर्दै स्वोदेश वा बिदेशमा सीप आदन प्रदान कार्यक्रममा हिंड्ने मौका पाएको थिए त्यसै सन्दर्भमा बिदेशमा पनि अन्लाईन एप्प्स्को बारेमा केहि जानकारी लिएको थिए । सक्चिकै नेपालमा पनि यस्तै अत्ती आवश्यक थियो म भेतायो सँग आवद्ध भएर काम गर्न पाउदा धेरै खुशी छु । सेवाग्राहिलाई दिने सेवामा कुनैपनी कसुर बाकी नराखी आफुले जानेको सिप प्रयोग गरेको छु । सायद सेवाग्राहिबाट हजुरहरुले जानकारी लिई सक्नुभएकोले होला भोलिका दिनमा पनि सहकार्य राम्रोसँग आगाडी जाओस भन्नचाहन्छु ।

Pranika Sigdel

Used the laundry service multiple times. Found the service really good. The clothes were very clean. Will surely try out other services as well when required.