Celebrating our 1st Anniversary: Win Gold Campaign

Bhetayo App is delighted to honor its anniversary with an exceptional chance for our regular app users’ clients. We’re thrilled to share our “Win Gold Offer” as a way of saying thanks for your continuous love and support!

You have the chance to take home a 1 Tola Gold reward at this special anniversary celebration. Bhetayo wants to thank you for your commitment and continuous trust throughout the years by making you this offer. This is our modest way of showing you how important you are to us because we realize that our success is directly related to how happy we are.

You must download the Bhetayo app http://onelink.to/bhetayo from the Play Store or the App Store on your phone in order to take part in the company’s “Win Gold” campaign. You can use the bhetayo app after providing your information and logging in. To schedule the service of your choice, go through Bhetayo’s services. You will automatically be entered to win gold once you have booked the desired service. Also, in order to increase your chances of winning gold, you must book as much service as possible and make payments through the app.

Here are the key details of the campaign:

Eligibility: All customers who have interacted with our company’s products or services over the entire campaign year are eligible to participate in the Win Gold Campaign.

Prizes: Winners will have the chance to take home 1 Tola Gold. These awards were carefully chosen to represent how much we value our customers.

How to Participate: Customers that make a minimum purchase or use our services through our app throughout the campaign period will automatically be included in the contest.

Campaign Period: From April 2023 until April 2024, the Win Gold Campaign will be active. The campaign’s end will be followed by a random drawing to determine the winners.

Announcement of Winners: One lucky winner will be revealed on our official website and on our social media pages. Additionally, lucky winners will receive a personal notification via the contact details they registered with.


Download the Bhetayo app as soon as possible and schedule your desired service to instantly participate in the winning gold campaign. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity! Join us as we celebrate our anniversary and take advantage of your opportunity to win big. We really appreciate your support and anticipate sharing this significant occasion with you.

For more information and updates regarding the “Win Gold Offer,” please visit our official website https://bhetayo.com/, App http://onelink.to/bhetayo  contact our customer support team at 9801088080. Get ready to shine with us on our anniversary!