Let your beauty speak for you

Applying cosmetics like lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, and mascara to improve or change one’s look is referred to as makeup. Makeup can be used to highlight eyes, contour the face, and give color to the cheeks and lips, among other things, on various parts of the face and body. There are many different types of makeup products, such as powders, creams, and liquids, as well as a variety of colors and shades to fit various skin tones and preferences. Makeup is frequently used for business purposes, such as in the entertainment industry and photography, as well as for purposes of personal expression.



  • Travel
  • Experience
  • Avialbity of Quality Product
  • Environment
  • Timing




  • Travel:

You can save time and escape the commotion of a beauty salon by using a makeup at-home service. The wait at the parlor may cause you to be late for your event or party because there are many people lined up for comparable services. You can get the look you want from Bhetayo’s makeup artists without any hassle at your home, saving you from having to journey to a busy salon.


  • Experience:

The thinnest and most exposed flesh on the body is found on the face. You must be concerned and unsure of the service provider’s qualifications and expertise because you cannot risk your skin. In this instance, Bhetayo shows complete care for your skin, making sure that their providers are highly qualified and trained so as to meet your expectations and needs.


  • Availability of Product :

The expense of doing your own makeup can be higher because you’ll need to purchase more items, and the finished look might not be what you had in mind. In this instance, getting makeup application at home from Bhetayo offers high-standard and premium services. All of the products the supplier uses are high-quality and were brought by themselves, which enables you to achieve a stunning appearance without spending money on additional makeup products.


  • Environment :


Without a doubt, you’ll experience anxiety, stress, and headaches as you get set for your big day. The last thing you need is a crowded place with a lot of commotion and an unpleasant atmosphere. You can actually get dressed in your own bedroom if you use a makeup-at-home service. While dressed up, unwind in a setting that makes you feel at home. Something similar can significantly alter your emotional state, causing you to feel relaxed in the end rather than extremely stressed. Therefore, Bhetayo’s service travels to your location at the time of you’re choosing, allowing you to get ready wherever you feel most relaxed.


  • Timing:

The timing, where you can easily schedule your service at your available time, is the best benefit of getting makeup done at home from Bhetayo. Because of how adaptable Bhetayo’s service providers are, you can use their services whenever and wherever you need them. Within an hour of making a reservation, one of our providers will be on hand to provide you with a makeup appearance, so you won’t have to wait much longer.