About Us

Bhetayo.com, a one stop solution for all service based needs. Bhetayo is here to enhance its presence in service based work basically for home, right from plumbers , electricians to home tutors and beauticians with addition of lots more of various categories.

While you might not have the opportunity or the devices to complete everything on your daily plan, what you do have is Bhetayo with trustworthy experts. We understand the value of your time and the hassle that goes behind locating a service professional near you. Also, at a time when we need to be cautious about health and sanitation, these services become handy.

Bhetayo offers a comprehensive range of at-home services delivered by only verified and trained professionals, so that you get the required expertise with the touch of a button and at the comfort of your home with 100% customer satisfaction. You can rely on Bhetayo for amazing workmanship and quality work that includes plumbing, flooring, home tuition, beautician, cleaning or any kind of home based work. Whether you have a huge amount of work, minor home repairs, or a penny work, Bhetayo is always ready to help you.

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Our Story

Bhetayo began as a response to a need. Isn’t it almost impossible to find professionals who consistently give excellent service on time when you require assistance with minor but important household tasks?

Yes, we were facing similar issues! Every time we had a leaking pipe at home or a laptop that needed immediate fixing, we had to either wait to find someone or run to some shop. And that’s when the idea of Bhetayo came into being.

Bhetayo is the quickest and easiest way to hire an expert for at-home services. We wish to assist you in resolving all of your household issues quickly, easily, and, most importantly, with background-verified service providers who are competent and reliable.

Mission: To ensure optimum customer satisfaction through professional services.

Vision: To be Nepal’s top notch digital platform that provides premium at door service by facilitating easy service and reducing the hassle.