Fridge Maintenance: Dos and Don’ts

Your fridge works tirelessly to keep your food fresh, but it deserves some TLC to stay in top shape. A clean fridge not only lasts longer but also keeps your food safe and delicious. Dive into fridge maintenance tips and discover when to call in the experts from Bhetayo if you’re in the Kathmandu Valley!

Dos: Make Your Fridge Shine

  1. Clean Regularly: Wipe down the inside and outside of your fridge every few months. Clean spills right away to prevent bad smells.
  2. Check the Seals: Make sure the door seals are tight. Clean them with warm soapy water and replace them if they are cracked or loose.
  3. Organize Food: Keep food items arranged neatly to allow air to circulate. This helps keep the temperature even inside the fridge.
  4. Defrost When Needed: If your fridge doesn’t defrost automatically, do it regularly to prevent ice build-up.
  5. Keep Coils Clean: Vacuum the coils at the back or bottom of the fridge at least twice a year. This helps the fridge run efficiently.


Don’ts: Avoid These Mistakes

  1. Don’t Overload: Avoid filling your fridge too much, as this can block airflow and make the fridge work harder.
  2. Avoid Hot Food: Let hot food cool down before putting it in the fridge. Hot food can raise the fridge’s temperature.
  3. Don’t Ignore Strange Noises: Strange sounds can mean there’s a problem. Fix them quickly to avoid bigger issues.
  4. Don’t Use Sharp Objects: Don’t use sharp objects to remove ice or stuck food. This can damage the fridge.
  5. Don’t Skip Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important. Don’t wait for problems to start before taking care of your fridge.

Big Problems? Book Bhetayo’s Service!

If your fridge has big problems like not cooling properly, making loud noises, or breaking down often, it’s time to call a professional. Bhetayo offers expert fridge repair services in Kathmandu Valley. Our skilled technicians can quickly find and fix issues, making sure your fridge works well again. Don’t let fridge problems ruin your food and your day. Book Bhetayo’s service for reliable repairs when you need them.

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Fridge Repair Dos and Don’ts: Keep Cool with Bhetayo!

A broken fridge can turn your kitchen into a nightmare. To keep things cool, follow these simple dos and don’ts for DIY fridge repair. And remember, for expert help, book a professional through the Bhetayo App!


  1. Check the Power Source: Ensure your fridge is properly plugged in and that the outlet is functioning.
  2. Clean the Coils: Dust and dirt can accumulate on condenser coils. Cleaning them can improve efficiency and performance.
  3. Inspect the Door Seals: A faulty door seal can let cold air escape. Make sure seals are tight and replace them if necessary.
  4. Defrost Regularly: Excessive frost buildup can impede your fridge’s performance. Defrost when necessary to maintain efficiency.
  5. Monitor the Temperature: Keep your fridge at the recommended temperature settings.


  1. Don’t Overload: Overloading your fridge can block air vents and hamper cooling efficiency. Keep it well-organized.
  2. Don’t Ignore Strange Noises: Unusual sounds could indicate a serious problem. Address these noises promptly to avoid bigger issues.
  3. Don’t Use Sharp Objects: Avoid using sharp objects to remove ice buildup, as this can damage your fridge.
  4. Don’t Attempt Major Repairs: Major issues like compressor or coolant problems require professional expertise.
  5. Don’t Delay Repairs: Delaying minor repairs might eventually result in more serious and expensive issues

Need Professional Help?

When it comes to serious fridge issues, trust the experts! For professional fridge repair in the Kathmandu Valley, book through the Bhetayo App. Get quick, reliable service from experienced technicians to keep your fridge in top shape at a reasonable price. 

Don’t let a minor problem turn into a major headache. Download the Bhetayo App today!

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AC Repair vs. Replacement: Which is Better?

When your air conditioning system starts showing signs of trouble, you’re faced with a critical decision: should you look for AC repair, or is it time to replace it? This is more than just a choice between two services; it’s a decision that affects your comfort, energy bills, and peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the factors you should consider to make an informed and cost-effective decision.

The Cost Factor: When choosing between  AC repair and replacement, consider the cost factor. Older models with frequent repairs may be more cost-effective to invest in a new, energy-efficient unit. 

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact: Today’s air conditioners are energy-efficient, featuring smart technology for optimal performance. They offer smartphone control, air purification, and humidity management, enhancing indoor comfort and environmental sustainability.

Age and Reliability: The age of your air conditioner is a crucial factor in determining its reliability. Most units have a lifespan of 10-15 years, and those approaching or exceeding this may be more susceptible to breakdowns and inefficiencies. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan, but if it constantly needs repairs, investing in a newer one can be more beneficial.

Home Comfort and System Performance: An efficient air conditioning system is crucial for a comfortable environment. If your current AC fails to cool your space, it may be time for a replacement. Newer models offer improved features, better airflow, and temperature control.

Warranty: Don’t forget to consider the warranty of your existing unit. If it’s still under warranty, repairing it might be more sensible. On the other hand, new units come with new warranties, offering peace of mind for the future.


Whether you choose to repair or replace your AC unit, the key is making an informed decision that balances cost, efficiency, and personal comfort. By considering the age, condition, and performance of the existing system, and consulting with professionals, you can ensure that your home remains a haven of comfort for years to come.

Here, the Bhetayo App offers a customer-friendly solution for buying new or repairing air conditioners. It caters to diverse user needs, offering affordable, quality products. The app also provides a booking system for professional AC repair services. Bhetayo’s focus on customer satisfaction and excellence makes it a trusted and efficient service provider in the market.

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Home repairs handled with care.

Repair and maintenance service refers to the installation, upkeep, replacement, testing, inspection, or modification of electronic or household equipment for payment, other consideration, or under a guarantee. In general, maintenance is described as actions taken to ensure that a machine always operates in a manner consistent with how it did when it was brand-new.
A repair is a maintenance task carried out on any piece of machinery, building, equipment, or another tangible or intangible object. It is an activity meant to enhance or better the current state of a certain asset. A modest replacement of a specific component or routine maintenance would be considered repairs.
Home appliances are essential to daily life. They improve the comfort and ease of our lives. Living without appliances like an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave, an LED TV, etc. is quite challenging. They become an integral part of our daily lives. Anytime an appliance stops working properly, it negatively impacts our daily lives and makes us uncomfortable.
Restoring broken components rather than replacing them can drastically lower replacement costs. Not simply mechanical symptoms, but also environmental issues and failure roots, might be found throughout the repair procedure.

• Television:
A typical problem in television is dead pixels, where a pixel on the screen turns permanently black or white and distorts the image. Screen burn occurs when a static image is shown on the screen for a lengthy period of time, permanently burning the image into the screen. Low resolution, poor contrast, and inaccurate color calibration are just a few of the causes of poor image quality. Low loudness, distorted or crackling sounds, as well as no sound at all, are all examples of sound problems. Poor image or sound quality can be the consequence of connectivity issues with HDMI or other cables that affect the TV’s signal.
• Ac:
An air conditioner’s air filters can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time, which can lower the unit’s effectiveness and make it work harder than necessary. The compressor can be harmed and the air conditioner won’t be able to efficiently cool the air if the refrigerant spills out. The AC unit’s efficiency may suffer or it may cease functioning entirely if the coils get too cold and begin to freeze over. The AC unit’s fan may suffer damage or stop functioning altogether, which could lead to overheating and eventual failure of the appliance. The AC can stop working or not turn on due to electrical problems such as damaged wiring, blown fuses, and tripped circuit breakers.
The AC may not turn on or may operate inefficiently if the thermostat is malfunctioning.

• Washing machine:
There are a number of typical issues that might arise with washing machines. Uneven washer feet, imbalanced loads, noise (such as gurgling, clicking, buzzing, or humming), foul odors, temperature problems, troubles with the drainage pump filter, and failure to complete a cycle are a few of them. Leaks, odors, loud noises, and issues with spinning or draining are some more issues that could arise. To identify the underlying cause of each of these issues, precise troubleshooting is needed. From there, you can perform a repair to bring the washing machine back to working condition.

• Refrigerator:
The thermostat, evaporator fan, condenser coils, or compressor may be at fault if the refrigerator is not cooling adequately. A clogged drain tube, a broken water supply line, a broken water filter, or malfunctioning door seals can all cause a refrigerator to leak. Any loud or strange noises emanating from the refrigerator could be a sign that the compressor, evaporator fan, fan motor, or fan blades are malfunctioning. If the freezer is accumulating ice, the cause may be a broken door gasket, a broken defrost system, or a clogged drain tube. A fridge may experience a number of troubles due to electrical issues, such as blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, or damaged wiring.

• Oven:
There are various typical issues that could occur with ovens. The oven not heating up properly is one of the most frequent problems. Numerous things, such as a defective igniter, faulty thermostat, or malfunctioning heating element, might contribute to this. The temperature accuracy of ovens is another potential problem. The thermostat may be broken and has to be replaced if the oven is not heating to the proper temperature. The oven may not operate properly if the oven door is not closing tightly, which can let heat escape. The door seal might no longer be able to form an airtight seal because it is dusty or broken. Last but not least, if the oven is making strange noises, this may point to a problem with the fan or motor. The fan might need to be changed because it is damaged or has become clogged with debris. To resolve this problem, the seal may need to be cleaned or replaced.

• Chimney repair:
Clogging is the most typical issue with kitchen chimneys. Grease, oil, and dust can accumulate in the chimney over time, decreasing its effectiveness and performance. The chimney’s motor may also experience issues, such as overheating or a burned-out motor. This may cause the chimney to operate improperly or not at all. An additional issue with kitchen chimneys is excessive engine or fan noise. This can be the result of loose parts, worn-out bearings, or an imbalanced fan. It may not be able to adequately remove smoke and odor from the kitchen, which can be unpleasant and harmful for the residents if the chimney is not working properly. Problems can also result from the chimney’s improper installation. A poorly sealed or positioned chimney could have poor performance and suction.

• Television :
If a TV has a dead pixel, a repairer from Bhetayo might attempt to fix it by using software that can detect and remap the pixel. If the issue can’t be resolved by software, the repairer might need to replace the screen. A repairer will attempt to fix screen burn-in by displaying a dynamic image on the screen for an extended period to try and “unstick” the image. If this doesn’t work, they might need to replace the screen. To fix poor image quality, a Bhetayo’s repairer might adjust the TV’s settings to optimize the contrast, color, and brightness. They might also replace faulty components such as the backlight or video board. If a TV is having sound problems, a repairer might troubleshoot the issue by checking the speakers, the audio board, and the connection to the audio source. And to fix connectivity problems, a repairer might check the HDMI cable and ports, as well as the TV’s firmware. In the case of a power problem, the repairer might need to replace the TV’s power supply or other internal components.

• Ac:
An air conditioner’s air filters can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time, which can lower the unit’s effectiveness and make it work harder than necessary. The compressor can be harmed and the air conditioner won’t be able to efficiently cool the air if the refrigerant spills out. The AC unit’s efficiency may suffer or it may cease functioning entirely if the coils get too cold and begin to freeze over. The AC unit’s fan may suffer damage or stop functioning altogether, which could lead to overheating and eventual failure of the appliance. The AC can stop working or not turn on due to electrical problems such as damaged wiring, blown fuses, and tripped circuit breakers.
The AC may not turn on or may operate inefficiently if the thermostat is malfunctioning.

• Washing machine:

To lessen shaking, a service provider from Bhetayo will examine the levelness of the washer’s feet or floor, rebalance the washer’s load, or fix any loose bolts or screws. In order to better balance the load, a repair service may often redistribute the washer’s load or alter the spin speed. A repair service will normally identify the noise’s origin and replace or repair any broken parts. To get rid of any mold or mildew development, a repair service would normally clean the washing machine and all of its parts, including the detergent dispenser, drum, and rubber seal. Normally, a repair service will identify and fix any problems with the heating element or temperature control system. To guarantee appropriate drainage, a repair provider would normally clean or replace the filter.

• Refrigerator:

The first step in the repair process is for the Bhetayo expert to locate the issue’s origin. To find any defective parts, they might do a visual inspection of the refrigerator, check the temperature settings, and employ diagnostic equipment. The technician may need to repair any failing parts after determining the root of the issue. This could involve parts like the compressor, fan motor, thermostat, or door seals. The technician might need to replace or repair any damaged components. This can entail replacing a broken water supply line, clearing a clogged drain tube, or repairing a malfunctioning defrost system. The expert might have to fix or replace wiring, fuses, or other electrical parts if the issue is electrical in nature.
The technician will test the refrigerator to make sure it is operating correctly after making the repairs. They will keep an eye on the temperature, look for leaks, and make sure every part is operating properly.

Finding the cause of the problem is the first step in the repair procedure. They might do a visual examination of the oven to identify any damaged components. If the oven isn’t heating, the affected part might need to be replaced by the repairer from Bhetayo to solve this problem. And if the temperature is accurate, the oven temperature sensor may also be to blame; if it is malfunctioning, it may need to be adjusted or replaced. Alternatively, if the oven’s door is not locked, the Bhetayo provider may need to clean or replace the seal to resolve the problem. If the issue is an unusual sound coming from the oven, the repairer from Bhetayo may need to clean it or replace the seal to resolve the problem.

Chimney repair:
The technician from Bhetayo will clean the filters and ducts if the chimney is clogged. To get rid of the grease and oil, they could use hot water or a degreasing product. They might completely replace the filters in rare circumstances. The repairman will examine the wiring, connections, and voltage if the motor is not functioning properly. They might replace the motor if it has overheated or burned out. To ensure smooth operation, they might additionally oil the bearings and other moving parts. The repairman will examine the motor, fan, and bearings to address the noise issue. They might tighten slack components or swap out old bearings. They might also balance the fan to lessen noise and vibration. The repairman will examine the airflow and suction power if the chimney is not eliminating smoke and odor. They might change the filters or clean the ducts. They could move the chimney or even replace it entirely. The chimney repairer will modify the alignment and seal if the chimney was not installed correctly. Additionally, they might look for leaks and do the required fixes.