Let your beauty speak for you

Applying cosmetics like lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, and mascara to improve or change one’s look is referred to as makeup. Makeup can be used to highlight eyes, contour the face, and give color to the cheeks and lips, among other things, on various parts of the face and body. There are many different types of makeup products, such as powders, creams, and liquids, as well as a variety of colors and shades to fit various skin tones and preferences. Makeup is frequently used for business purposes, such as in the entertainment industry and photography, as well as for purposes of personal expression.



  • Travel
  • Experience
  • Avialbity of Quality Product
  • Environment
  • Timing




  • Travel:

You can save time and escape the commotion of a beauty salon by using a makeup at-home service. The wait at the parlor may cause you to be late for your event or party because there are many people lined up for comparable services. You can get the look you want from Bhetayo’s makeup artists without any hassle at your home, saving you from having to journey to a busy salon.


  • Experience:

The thinnest and most exposed flesh on the body is found on the face. You must be concerned and unsure of the service provider’s qualifications and expertise because you cannot risk your skin. In this instance, Bhetayo shows complete care for your skin, making sure that their providers are highly qualified and trained so as to meet your expectations and needs.


  • Availability of Product :

The expense of doing your own makeup can be higher because you’ll need to purchase more items, and the finished look might not be what you had in mind. In this instance, getting makeup application at home from Bhetayo offers high-standard and premium services. All of the products the supplier uses are high-quality and were brought by themselves, which enables you to achieve a stunning appearance without spending money on additional makeup products.


  • Environment :


Without a doubt, you’ll experience anxiety, stress, and headaches as you get set for your big day. The last thing you need is a crowded place with a lot of commotion and an unpleasant atmosphere. You can actually get dressed in your own bedroom if you use a makeup-at-home service. While dressed up, unwind in a setting that makes you feel at home. Something similar can significantly alter your emotional state, causing you to feel relaxed in the end rather than extremely stressed. Therefore, Bhetayo’s service travels to your location at the time of you’re choosing, allowing you to get ready wherever you feel most relaxed.


  • Timing:

The timing, where you can easily schedule your service at your available time, is the best benefit of getting makeup done at home from Bhetayo. Because of how adaptable Bhetayo’s service providers are, you can use their services whenever and wherever you need them. Within an hour of making a reservation, one of our providers will be on hand to provide you with a makeup appearance, so you won’t have to wait much longer.

We’ll style while you smile!


Parlor at Home

Parlor at home is a beauty service that brings the salon experience to your home. It involves a trained beauty professional coming to your house to provide a range of beauty treatments such as facials, haircuts, hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and makeup.

Parlor-at-home services have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and time-saving benefits. They allow people to get the beauty treatments they want without the hassle of traveling to a salon, dealing with traffic, and waiting in queues. Overall, parlor at-home services offer a convenient and personalized beauty experience in the comfort of your own home.



  1. Time-consuming
  2. Discomfort
  3. Quality service
  4. Hygienic surrounding
  5. Safety
  6. Inconvenient



People are very much preoccupied with various things in their homes. Therefore, scheduling an at-home salon appointment and having a Bhetayo’s professional visit your home to provide services at your convenience is the best alternative. It not only saves a ton of time but also spares you from having to sit in traffic for long periods.


Bhetayo always considers and values the customer’s comfort above all else. Choosing Bhetayo’s parlor at home service allows you to enjoy your service while watching your favorite TV series or serials while getting your hair and nails done. A highly experienced expert will come to your home to provide service. Additionally, you get to enjoy all of the high-quality services in a comfortable environment, which eases your mind. Moreover, the sticky feeling that you get after procedures like waxing last until you go home and shower quickly are no longer present. You can simply wash as soon as the specialists are finished with their work using at-home salon services.

Quality service:

The Bhetayo’s Parlor at Home Service offers the greatest service with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The main benefit of ordering parlor service for delivery from Bhetayo is that you won’t have to wait in line for service to begin. Because there is no one waiting in line, the service provider doesn’t have to rush to finish the job, allowing you to receive high-quality service whenever you need it. Experts give you a great time and service while focusing solely on you.

Hygienic surroundings:

Customers frequently complain about unhygienic conditions since they are unsure of how well the palace has been sanitized. For this, Bhetayo has created the ideal solution, allowing you to hire a highly skilled and knowledgeable service provider to perform parlor services at your home.  Being in a familiar environment has a way of instantly putting you at rest and enhancing your ability to appreciate the therapy. Utilize salon services delivered to your home while establishing the ideal hygienic environment for your needs.


There is no need to expose yourself to dozens of people on your way and endanger your health when Bhetayo’s parlor offers a service at your home. You can simply make use of first-rate beauty services in the comfort of your own home. By using hygienic beauticians, the procedures become significantly safer. To ensure that there are no germs, beauty professionals take special care to ensure that all products and equipment used in at-home salon services are entirely clean and safe.



By linking customers with skilled and seasoned beauty professionals who visit clients’ homes to perform a variety of beauty treatments, Bhetayo offers a parlor at-home service. Customers have a wide range of options, including cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, and haircuts for their hair. Customers must download the Bhetayo app or go to their website and choose the beauty treatment they want to make a parlor at-home reservation with the company. They can then pick a time and date that work for them, and at the specified time, a licensed beauty expert will show up at their door. To deliver a top-notch beauty experience, Bhetayo makes sure that all of its beauty professionals have undergone rigorous screening and training. They also employ high-quality supplies and tools.

In conclusion, Bhetayo’s parlor at home service offers a practical, secure, and individualized beauty experience in the convenience of your own home.



A clean car always catches the eye.

In addition to offering you a variety of alternatives for cleaning your car, a skilled Bhetayo’s crew will also assist in maintaining the finish of your car. Both the interior and outside of the vehicle can be thoroughly cleaned and made to shine.


Professional equipment:

Experience and professional Knowledge.

• Time consuming.

• Interior and exterior :


• Professional equipment:
The vehicle cleaning service provided by Bheatyo will utilize the best safeguards and tools for cleaning. Utilizing a vehicle cleaning service will also save you money because purchasing this equipment may be very pricey. In order to safeguard your vehicle from unneeded harm from the inappropriate equipment, Bhetayo’s professionals are well-trained and knowledgeable about equipment according to the vehicle and the quality of the vehicle parts.

• Experience and Professional Knowledge.
Your vehicle will be protected from hazardous damages by Bhetayo’s professionals because they are well-trained and knowledgeable about the many types of vehicles and their cleaning procedure.

• Time consuming:
Washing a vehicle at home can take a lot of time. To assist you get your car washed without any risks, Bhetayo offers a vehicle cleaning service that comes to your door. Professionals from Bhetayo utilize various quality detergents and instruments to clean your vehicle since they are knowledgeable about the appropriate tool for each type of vehicle.

• Interior and exterior clean:
First, Bhetayo’s vehicle cleaner Remove and clean the floor mats. They vacuum the inside of your Vehicle after removing the floor mats. Use the attachments to reach tight spaces like your cup holders and the gap between your dashboard and windshield. Additionally, they run the vacuum over the seats to pick up any stray crumbs or dirt. Then utilize various cleaners and cloths to get rid of stains from the chairs. Also works on windows, where a chemical is sprayed to assist remove stains, marks, and dirt from the windows

From the office to your home, we take care of cleaning everywhere.

House Cleaning is the process of removing undesirable elements from a space or thing, such as dust, pathogens, and other contaminants. Cleaning is frequently done for reasons related to appearance, hygiene, functionality, the environment, or safety. Cleaning takes place in a variety of settings and with a variety of techniques. Cleaning removes germs along with filth and dust, improving the quality of the air inside the home and leaving a fresh scent in its wake. Since they are among the germiest rooms in any home, the kitchen and bathroom typically require extra care. A healthy house /workplace is one that is clean.
House cleaning is concentrated in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Because the home cleaner concentrates on removing grime and debris from difficult-to-reach areas such as beneath sinks, behind bookcases, and within cabinets, this form of cleaning differs from typical home cleaning. Getting rid of the dirt that is hiding in cracks, kitchen cupboards, and under kitchen equipment is a key component of thorough cleaning.
Bhetayo is offering cleaning services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur, Nepal, using cutting-edge technology and trained professionals With the most skilled and hygienic cleaning methods available in Nepal, we are here. Keeping the area where we live and work clean is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. As a result, we offer affordable services for water tank cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, sofa –cleaning, outdoor floor cleaning, polishing marbles and tiles, cleaning garden waterfall ponds, and other cleaning-related services.


• Tank cleaning:
Contaminated water and water storage containers can harbor dangerous bacteria. Water contaminants, including potentially dangerous microorganisms, might develop if the water tank is not cleaned regularly. As a result, water can become contaminated with a number of diseases, including dysentery, cholera, gastritis, and others.

• Carpet:
Unclean carpets provide an incredibly favorable habitat for the growth of allergies, mold, and bacteria as well as an old and worn-out appearance. This poses serious health risks and jeopardizes the well-being of office workers as well as family members.

• Kitchen:
Bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms that can result in foodborne diseases thrive in your kitchen. Maintaining cleanliness can keep your family healthy and stop the spread of harmful diseases. Food scraps and crumbs attract pests like cockroaches, ants, and mice, which can spread a variety of diseases.

• Bathroom:
Toilets and bathrooms are frequently used spaces where germs and bacteria can easily build up. Regular bathroom cleaning lowers the risk of sickness by preventing the transmission of germs. A messy or untidy bathroom can be a safety risk. For instance, wet floors might be slick and raise the chance of falling.

• Sofa cleaning:
Dangerous contaminants including bacteria, satins, dust mites, mold and mildew, filth and grime, etc. can live on your sofa. Your skin may become irritated by the filth and dust that have seeped into the furniture’s materials, which could cause itching and redness.

• Marble:
Marble needs to be sealed and polished frequently to keep up its beauty and toughness. Marble worktops and floors can be protected from stains and damage by having them sealed. The beauty and individuality of the stone will be highlighted by cleaning and polishing.

• Glass cleaning:
Layers of dirt and grime can discolor windows if they are left dirty for an extended period of time. This over time can affect the window’s glass’s transparency permanently.

• Tank cleaning:
The greatest water tank cleaning service is offered by Bhetayo’s provider. Our cleaning services are the very best and come with a warranty. Regular tank cleaning keeps the water clean, hygienic, and safe to drink for a long time by keeping it free of dirt, debris, and hazardous germs. The skilled workers at Bhetayo utilize specialized tools including high-pressure water jets and the proper cleaning agents to get rid of dirt, debris, and dangerous bacteria. The experts at Bhetayo can identify and get rid of all the germs and algae that can taint and contaminate a lot of water. Professionals plan the water tank cleaning service on a regular basis—at least twice a year—to ensure that the tank is kept clean and the water is safe to use.

• Sofa cleaning
The specialists from Bhetayo’s cleaning service start by carefully inspecting the sofa. To choose the best course of action, they will consider the sofa’s age, color, and fabric kind. Then, they will provide your couches, chairs, mattresses, and other soft accessories for any spots that appear to need more care with spot treatments. Deep cleaning starts after spot treatment. In order to remove filth from deep within the sofa, our cleaning machine injects hot water and their cleaning solution into the furniture. Once the dirt has been removed, it extracts the water.

• Carpet cleaning :
Bhetayo’s killed cleaners will carefully assess the quality and state of the material before moving on. They are knowledgeable about various carpeting types and employ top cleaning. Bhetayo’s cleaner uses modern, well-maintained cleaning equipment to make it simple and effective to clean carpets. Their tools are reliable, efficient, and secure for the environment, consumers, and your carpet. While cleaning carpets, our experts constantly keep the carpet’s quality in mind. To do this, they deep clean the carpets with high-quality cleaning agents to keep them in good condition.

• Kitchen cleaning :
Utilization surfaces, range hoods, gas, flame grates, and regulator will all be expertly cleaned by Bhetayo’s cleaner. When they clean, they make sure to damp-wipe everything, including doorknobs, benches, and seats. Our Bhetayo’s skilled personnel will sweep and mop the floors, leaving your kitchen spotless and smelling good. Our experts make sure that fragile materials are handled with the appropriate care and attention throughout the entire procedure. Kitchen deep cleaning, extractor fan and freshening cleaning, grease trap cleaning, and safe elimination are all included in Bhetayo’s services. High-quality hygiene and legal compliance are maintained by routinely deep cleaning the kitchen.

• Bathroom cleaning:
To keep marbles tidy and clean, Bhetayo’s expert cleaner uses qualified, cutting-edge, and very effective procedures. Modern equipment and technology are used by Bhetayo’s cleaners to maintain and protect your marble. Whether they are flooring, worktops, vanities, baths, stairs, fireplaces, or other stone surfaces, marbles come in many different varieties. They will put in a lot of effort to offer you a better result…All marble and tiles can be cleaned, restored, and maintained with the help of our qualified experts. Cleaning marble will help keep it beautiful and protected. Marble will be meticulously cleaned by Bhetayo’s cleaner to ensure maximum safety for your marble.

• Glass cleaning :
Before beginning, Bhetayo’s professional cleaner will gather all required tools, including a bucket, squeegee, microfiber cloth, window cleaner, and a ladder if required. Take down any blinds or drapes, then use a vacuum or cleaning cloth to clean the window and window frame of any loose dirt or debris. Starting at the top of the window and working your way down, spray the window cleaner on it using a spray bottle or a cloth. Start at the top left corner of the window and move a squeegee across it in a straight line, cleaning the blade with a cloth after each pass. Continue doing this until the window has been completely squeegeed and cleaned.

Home repairs handled with care.

Repair and maintenance service refers to the installation, upkeep, replacement, testing, inspection, or modification of electronic or household equipment for payment, other consideration, or under a guarantee. In general, maintenance is described as actions taken to ensure that a machine always operates in a manner consistent with how it did when it was brand-new.
A repair is a maintenance task carried out on any piece of machinery, building, equipment, or another tangible or intangible object. It is an activity meant to enhance or better the current state of a certain asset. A modest replacement of a specific component or routine maintenance would be considered repairs.
Home appliances are essential to daily life. They improve the comfort and ease of our lives. Living without appliances like an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave, an LED TV, etc. is quite challenging. They become an integral part of our daily lives. Anytime an appliance stops working properly, it negatively impacts our daily lives and makes us uncomfortable.
Restoring broken components rather than replacing them can drastically lower replacement costs. Not simply mechanical symptoms, but also environmental issues and failure roots, might be found throughout the repair procedure.

• Television:
A typical problem in television is dead pixels, where a pixel on the screen turns permanently black or white and distorts the image. Screen burn occurs when a static image is shown on the screen for a lengthy period of time, permanently burning the image into the screen. Low resolution, poor contrast, and inaccurate color calibration are just a few of the causes of poor image quality. Low loudness, distorted or crackling sounds, as well as no sound at all, are all examples of sound problems. Poor image or sound quality can be the consequence of connectivity issues with HDMI or other cables that affect the TV’s signal.
• Ac:
An air conditioner’s air filters can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time, which can lower the unit’s effectiveness and make it work harder than necessary. The compressor can be harmed and the air conditioner won’t be able to efficiently cool the air if the refrigerant spills out. The AC unit’s efficiency may suffer or it may cease functioning entirely if the coils get too cold and begin to freeze over. The AC unit’s fan may suffer damage or stop functioning altogether, which could lead to overheating and eventual failure of the appliance. The AC can stop working or not turn on due to electrical problems such as damaged wiring, blown fuses, and tripped circuit breakers.
The AC may not turn on or may operate inefficiently if the thermostat is malfunctioning.

• Washing machine:
There are a number of typical issues that might arise with washing machines. Uneven washer feet, imbalanced loads, noise (such as gurgling, clicking, buzzing, or humming), foul odors, temperature problems, troubles with the drainage pump filter, and failure to complete a cycle are a few of them. Leaks, odors, loud noises, and issues with spinning or draining are some more issues that could arise. To identify the underlying cause of each of these issues, precise troubleshooting is needed. From there, you can perform a repair to bring the washing machine back to working condition.

• Refrigerator:
The thermostat, evaporator fan, condenser coils, or compressor may be at fault if the refrigerator is not cooling adequately. A clogged drain tube, a broken water supply line, a broken water filter, or malfunctioning door seals can all cause a refrigerator to leak. Any loud or strange noises emanating from the refrigerator could be a sign that the compressor, evaporator fan, fan motor, or fan blades are malfunctioning. If the freezer is accumulating ice, the cause may be a broken door gasket, a broken defrost system, or a clogged drain tube. A fridge may experience a number of troubles due to electrical issues, such as blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, or damaged wiring.

• Oven:
There are various typical issues that could occur with ovens. The oven not heating up properly is one of the most frequent problems. Numerous things, such as a defective igniter, faulty thermostat, or malfunctioning heating element, might contribute to this. The temperature accuracy of ovens is another potential problem. The thermostat may be broken and has to be replaced if the oven is not heating to the proper temperature. The oven may not operate properly if the oven door is not closing tightly, which can let heat escape. The door seal might no longer be able to form an airtight seal because it is dusty or broken. Last but not least, if the oven is making strange noises, this may point to a problem with the fan or motor. The fan might need to be changed because it is damaged or has become clogged with debris. To resolve this problem, the seal may need to be cleaned or replaced.

• Chimney repair:
Clogging is the most typical issue with kitchen chimneys. Grease, oil, and dust can accumulate in the chimney over time, decreasing its effectiveness and performance. The chimney’s motor may also experience issues, such as overheating or a burned-out motor. This may cause the chimney to operate improperly or not at all. An additional issue with kitchen chimneys is excessive engine or fan noise. This can be the result of loose parts, worn-out bearings, or an imbalanced fan. It may not be able to adequately remove smoke and odor from the kitchen, which can be unpleasant and harmful for the residents if the chimney is not working properly. Problems can also result from the chimney’s improper installation. A poorly sealed or positioned chimney could have poor performance and suction.

• Television :
If a TV has a dead pixel, a repairer from Bhetayo might attempt to fix it by using software that can detect and remap the pixel. If the issue can’t be resolved by software, the repairer might need to replace the screen. A repairer will attempt to fix screen burn-in by displaying a dynamic image on the screen for an extended period to try and “unstick” the image. If this doesn’t work, they might need to replace the screen. To fix poor image quality, a Bhetayo’s repairer might adjust the TV’s settings to optimize the contrast, color, and brightness. They might also replace faulty components such as the backlight or video board. If a TV is having sound problems, a repairer might troubleshoot the issue by checking the speakers, the audio board, and the connection to the audio source. And to fix connectivity problems, a repairer might check the HDMI cable and ports, as well as the TV’s firmware. In the case of a power problem, the repairer might need to replace the TV’s power supply or other internal components.

• Ac:
An air conditioner’s air filters can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time, which can lower the unit’s effectiveness and make it work harder than necessary. The compressor can be harmed and the air conditioner won’t be able to efficiently cool the air if the refrigerant spills out. The AC unit’s efficiency may suffer or it may cease functioning entirely if the coils get too cold and begin to freeze over. The AC unit’s fan may suffer damage or stop functioning altogether, which could lead to overheating and eventual failure of the appliance. The AC can stop working or not turn on due to electrical problems such as damaged wiring, blown fuses, and tripped circuit breakers.
The AC may not turn on or may operate inefficiently if the thermostat is malfunctioning.

• Washing machine:

To lessen shaking, a service provider from Bhetayo will examine the levelness of the washer’s feet or floor, rebalance the washer’s load, or fix any loose bolts or screws. In order to better balance the load, a repair service may often redistribute the washer’s load or alter the spin speed. A repair service will normally identify the noise’s origin and replace or repair any broken parts. To get rid of any mold or mildew development, a repair service would normally clean the washing machine and all of its parts, including the detergent dispenser, drum, and rubber seal. Normally, a repair service will identify and fix any problems with the heating element or temperature control system. To guarantee appropriate drainage, a repair provider would normally clean or replace the filter.

• Refrigerator:

The first step in the repair process is for the Bhetayo expert to locate the issue’s origin. To find any defective parts, they might do a visual inspection of the refrigerator, check the temperature settings, and employ diagnostic equipment. The technician may need to repair any failing parts after determining the root of the issue. This could involve parts like the compressor, fan motor, thermostat, or door seals. The technician might need to replace or repair any damaged components. This can entail replacing a broken water supply line, clearing a clogged drain tube, or repairing a malfunctioning defrost system. The expert might have to fix or replace wiring, fuses, or other electrical parts if the issue is electrical in nature.
The technician will test the refrigerator to make sure it is operating correctly after making the repairs. They will keep an eye on the temperature, look for leaks, and make sure every part is operating properly.

Finding the cause of the problem is the first step in the repair procedure. They might do a visual examination of the oven to identify any damaged components. If the oven isn’t heating, the affected part might need to be replaced by the repairer from Bhetayo to solve this problem. And if the temperature is accurate, the oven temperature sensor may also be to blame; if it is malfunctioning, it may need to be adjusted or replaced. Alternatively, if the oven’s door is not locked, the Bhetayo provider may need to clean or replace the seal to resolve the problem. If the issue is an unusual sound coming from the oven, the repairer from Bhetayo may need to clean it or replace the seal to resolve the problem.

Chimney repair:
The technician from Bhetayo will clean the filters and ducts if the chimney is clogged. To get rid of the grease and oil, they could use hot water or a degreasing product. They might completely replace the filters in rare circumstances. The repairman will examine the wiring, connections, and voltage if the motor is not functioning properly. They might replace the motor if it has overheated or burned out. To ensure smooth operation, they might additionally oil the bearings and other moving parts. The repairman will examine the motor, fan, and bearings to address the noise issue. They might tighten slack components or swap out old bearings. They might also balance the fan to lessen noise and vibration. The repairman will examine the airflow and suction power if the chimney is not eliminating smoke and odor. They might change the filters or clean the ducts. They could move the chimney or even replace it entirely. The chimney repairer will modify the alignment and seal if the chimney was not installed correctly. Additionally, they might look for leaks and do the required fixes.

Painters with a professional touch

Painting involves choosing and using paints on the surfaces of a home/workplace. This can be done to prevent weathering, change the looks of a room or a whole structure, and more. It involves careful considerations such as choosing the right type of paints, picking between shades of similar colors, mixing multiple paint hues to create unique combinations
A painting service is typically a business that offers individuals and businesses painting services for their homes or other buildings. These services can range from simply painting, staining, and finishing walls to adding specialized finishes such as glazes or removing wallpaper. Professional painters have the experience and knowledge to ensure proper preparation of these surfaces before applying any coating materials. Painters also need to understand finishing techniques while they determine appropriate color schemes when working on residential or commercial properties.
As there are few resources in Nepal, it might occasionally be challenging to find painters. It could be challenging to locate skilled painters in Nepal who specialize in home coloring services because home color painting takes knowledge and experience, and not all general painters are qualified for the job. Finding a trustworthy painter in Nepal who you can rely on for excellent service is also more difficult depending on the complexity of the paintwork and the amount of competence necessary.

• Foaming:
• Mud Cracking:
• Blistering and flaking:
• Bleeding and staining:
• Mold growth :
• Shriveling and wrinkling.


• Foaming:
To solve the issue of foam in painting projects, Bhetayo’s painters are employing various procedures. Before beginning to paint, they first make sure that their brushes and rollers have been appropriately cleaned and treated with anti-foam. This lessens the likelihood of air bubbles forming when painting a surface. They then apply an antifoam chemical specifically to concerned regions so it dissolves any accumulated bubbles fast and readily without harming the painted surface in the event that any foaming does occur during application.

• Mud Cracking :
To solve mud cracking Bhetayo’s painter will first clean, dry, and clear the surface of any dirt, dust, or debris. Mud cracking can be caused by overly thick or vigorously applied paint. Instead of using one thick layer, painters will opt for a thinner paint or use many thin applications. The surface will be devoid of any dirt, dust, or debris and will be dry and spotless. Painters will take off any peeling or loose paint and fix any cracks or holes with an appropriate filler. Mud cracking can result from paint that is applied too thickly or vigorously. Instead of using one thick layer, painters will opt for a thinner paint or use many thin applications.

• Blistering and flaking:

To ascertain the cause, the painter from Bhetayo will carefully inspect the affected region. The painter will normally remove any blistered or peeling paint after determining the cause and sand the surface to remove any leftover loose paint and level up the surface. The painter of Bhetayo will normally apply an appropriate primer to the area after the surface has been cleaned and prepped to ensure the fresh paint will adhere well. They will repaint the surface with high-quality, climate-appropriate paint after the primer has cured.

• Bleeding and staining:
Prior to taking any corrective measure, Bhetayo’s painter must determine what is causing the bleeding or discoloration in the first place. The painter will be able to clean the impacted area using a bleach and water solution or a commercial wood cleaner after the issue has been localized to get rid of any stains or discoloration. The Bhetayo’s painter will need to cover the entire area with a stain-blocking primer if the staining or bleeding is more pervasive. These primers are designed specifically to stop stains like tannins from seeping through to the final paint layer. Repaint using premium paint: The surface can be repainted with a premium paint that is suitable for the circumstances once the primer has dried.

• Mold growth :
The first task of Bhetayo’s painter is to locate and deal with any sources of moisture that may be contributing to the issue because mold needs moisture to develop. This can entail fixing leaks, enhancing ventilation, or attending to other underlying problems. The painter will need to remove the mold from the impacted area after addressing the moisture source. To kill the mold and get rid of any visible growth, they use a bleach and water solution or a commercial mold cleaner. The afflicted area must be sealed with a mold-resistant primer once the mold has been removed in order to stop further growth. Before repainting, the primer must be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and given plenty of time to dry. After the primer has dried, Bhetayo’s painter can repaint the surface with high-quality paint that is specially formulated to resist mold growth. These paints contain additives that inhibit mold growth and help prevent future problems.

• Shriveling and wrinkling.
Bhetayo’s painter must first pinpoint the source of the issue before taking any corrective action. If the issue is small-scale, the painter might be able to lightly sand the affected region to get rid of any creases or shriveling. This may facilitate surface smoothing and improve the finish. After sanding the surface, the painter can repaint the damaged area while being careful not to use too much paint. Also, it’s crucial to pick a paint that will adhere well and be durable under the given circumstances. The painter from the Bhetayo can use a sealer to assist shield the surface from further harm after the paint has dried. The sealant must be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and given plenty of time to completely dry. The Bhetayo’s painter might need to stop painting and wait for better weather if the issue stems from painting in hot or muggy settings. The painter needs to select a different type of paint that is more suited to the surface if the issue was caused by using the incorrect type of paint.

Making your laundry better.

The act of washing, drying, and folding clothing—including towels, sheets, and other items—is known as a laundry service. Laundry services are frequently performed on a commercial or professional level, although they can include specialized pick-up and delivery services. Professional launderers typically provide washers, dryers, and detergents in addition to their equipment. Some also focus on cleaning up stains or providing extra care for fragile fabrics like bridal gowns. In order to assure quality control and that all goods are adequately washed and cleaned on schedule, professional launderers frequently inspect each item before returning it to consumers.

Organization and sorting of clothes are one of the greatest issues that individuals encounter. Sorting through all of your items to ensure that you are washing them in a method that won’t result in colors running or damage from too much heat might take some time. Finding enough room for stuff is another issue that individuals run into when doing their laundry, especially if they live in an apartment or other small place. Finally, some concern about the environmental effects of fabric softeners or washing detergents, which necessitates study into brands that are efficient and morally sound.
• Sorting clothes – It can be tricky to sort whites, colors, and delicate so they don’t get ruined in the wash cycle.

• Emergency ( express wash):
• Over drying – Without proper care or timing when dealing with delicate garments you may end up with overly crisp clothing that’s no longer wearable!
• Wrinkling – If clothes aren’t taken out immediately after the dryer cycle has finished, you can be left with wrinkled items making them difficult/near impossible to flatten later on without ironing again.

• Time and energy consuming: The lengthy procedure of cleaning washing, drying, folding, and ironing can take hours to complete.


• Sorting clothes:
Bhetayo’s laundry can help with the challenge of sorting clothes because they can examine colored clothing for stains, sort clothes by color, and more apply downy fabric conditioner to protect against stretching, fading, and fuzz, and turn newly colored clothing inside out. As soon as the cycle is over, take the garments out of the washer to prevent color bleed into other things.

• Over drying:

Smart technology is being used by Bhetayo’s laundries to address the issue of over-drying laundry. The company’s method is based on the use of sensors that identify each load’s moisture, temperature, airflow, and fabric type. These four variables then provide information to an algorithm on how long the drying cycle should last in order to achieve the best outcomes. Customers of Bhetayo’s laundry can conserve energy while also guaranteeing that garments always come out perfectly dry thanks to this type of data-driven method and real-time user feedback.

• Wrinkling:
Bhetayo’s laundries are solving the problem of wrinkling in clothes with their advanced technology. Their state-of-the-art machines use high temperatures and steam to penetrate deep into fabrics, removing wrinkles without damage or fading. They also provide specialized laundry services for different types of fabric such as wools, silks, and linens which need special care when washing. The end result is perfectly ironed clothes that look like new!

• Emergency ( express wash):
Customers can use an emergency laundry and dry cleaning service from Bhetayo’s laundry service. The platform offers services from the Bhetayo app, call, or website, with same-day pickup, delivery, cleaning, and pressing. Its professionals employ top-notch detergents, advanced machinery, and high technology to wash garments efficiently but quickly. Bhetayo’s laundry service also employs eco-friendly practices, such as avoiding toxic chemicals when conducting business.

• Time and energy consuming:
Laundry service from Bhetayo will definitely save you a generous amount of time. In addition to washing your clothes, the laundry service can offer pick-up and deliveryc options, that way, you don’t have to worry about leaving your house just to get your clothes washed.

Your home is under attack! Protect it with pest control

The removal of pests, such as insects, rodents, and other unwanted creatures, from a specific region or environment is known as pest control. Pests can be a nuisance and can cause damage to property, taint food, and spread disease. Physical means of pest control, such as catching pests or erecting barriers to keep them out, as well as chemical ones, such as applying insecticides or rodenticides to kill pests, are also possible.
In addition to being unattractive and embarrassing for you to have among guests, pests also spread a number of diseases. Whether they are ants, cockroaches, flies, or spiders, these pests can be a daily annoyance. The kitchen is typically the first place that pests attack since it is easy for them to discover food scraps and other food-related waste. Pests can gradually take over your kitchen and eventually your entire house if you do not have a strong cleaning regimen to keep them in check.

Experience is essential in pest management because it enables the pest controller to locate the source of the infestation and implement the most efficient control measures. A good pest controller should have in-depth knowledge of various pest varieties, their behavior, and effective control procedures. The ability to spot even the smallest indications of a pest infestation and close attention to detail are qualities of a skilled pest controller.

When it comes to receiving pest control services, people in Nepal are dealing with a variety of issues. One issue is the lack of qualified and trustworthy people, as well as the challenge of locating high-quality goods that satisfy regulatory requirements. Due to a lack of resources and rules, pest control in Nepal is becoming an increasingly difficult problem. Finding companies that have specially trained staff, use appropriate technologies when using pest poisons, limit the harm caused to non-target species and the environment, comply with government regulations related to pesticide application, etc. is the main challenge faced by people trying to get pest control services.

(Rats, houseflies, Mosquito, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, terminates, flies)
• Property damage: Pests such as termites, rodents, and carpenter ants can cause significant damage to buildings, furniture, and other structures.
• Health risks: Pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents can carry and spread diseases to humans and animals.
• Food contamination: Pests such as rodents and insects can contaminate food and food preparation areas, leading to foodborne illness.
• Allergies: Pests such as cockroaches and dust mites can trigger allergies and asthma in some people.
• Bites: Pests such as spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and bedbugs can bite and leave rashes on the body.
• Damage reputation: Pests are the main cause of reputation damage, which can result in business closure.

Bhetayo provides pest control services inside the valley through its platform that connects users with verified and trained service providers who specialize in pest control.

• Property damage:
With a range of techniques, Bhetayo’s specialist is assisting in resolving property damage brought on by pests. These include the management of pest resources, the implementation of preventative measures for the reduction and prevention of pest threats, routine inspections to address current problems, the use of natural remedies or organic pesticide applications when necessary, and educational materials designed to inform homeowners about how to reduce damages caused by an infestation.

• Health risks:

Bhetayo’s experts help to reduce the risk that pest poses to people’s health in addition to inspections and pest control technique, they also offer risk assessments for potential infections and site–specific preventive measures. As well this includes effective pest identification, exclusion, and exclusion products that can help prevent access; putting sanitation protocols into practice, such as correctly storing food or disposing of garbage in the right way; using chemical treatments to eradicate existing populations; and monitoring programs that involve routine inspections for signs of infestation. These actions are being actively taken by Bhetayo pest control professionals in an effort to lower the health hazards connected to pest exposure!

• Food contamination:
By investigating and creating innovative techniques for identifying, preventing, and controlling pest populations, Bhetayo’s expert is attempting to resolve the problem of food contamination brought on by pests. This includes strategies like releasing beneficial insects into areas with high rates of infestation and using natural predators to control pest populations. It also includes sophisticated monitoring systems that can determine if an area has too many pests already present or are entering from other sources. It also includes integrated pest management (IPM) strategies that combine mechanical barriers with biological controls.

• Bites, Allergies, and Irritation:
With a variety of techniques, Bhetayo expert in resolving bites, allergies, and irritation brought on by pests. These include methods of preventing pests from entering structures, such as increasing hygienic standards, monitoring indoor air quality and humidity levels, using natural repellents to ward off invaders, removing food sources that might attract pests in the first place, sealing entry points around homes or workplaces where they can enter structures, etc. Moreover, tactics like organic integrated pest management have been used, which entails enhancing conventional pest control methods with environmentally friendly techniques like biological controls to cut back on the use of pesticides. In order to prevent any negative responses from skin contact or dust irritations while eliminating infestations, the Bhetayo’s experts also advise wearing protective clothing when dealing with pests.

• Damage reputation:
The specialist at Bhetayo employs a variety of tactics to repair reputational harm brought on by pests. This includes the evaluation and application of pest control measures, preventive actions like improved sanitation practices, and thorough cleaning and disinfection services.

You’ll find our electrical services enlightening!

The process of installing an electrical system in a building or other structure is referred to as electrical installation. This procedure normally consists of a number of processes, such as designing the system, installing wiring and other components, connecting the system to a power source, and testing the system to make sure it is operating as intended. To guarantee the safety and dependability of the system, local construction laws and electrical safety regulations must be followed when installing an electrical system. Electricity installations can be as basic as mounting a light fixture or as complex as wiring a whole structure. To ensure that electrical installations are completed safely and correctly, it is crucial to hire a qualified electrician.
A competent tradesperson with a focus on the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems is an electrician. They work with a variety of wiring, circuits, transformers, and other electrical systems as well as other electrical equipment. Residential, commercial, and industrial settings are all common places for electricians to work.
Installing and repairing electrical wiring and circuits, troubleshooting electrical issues, installing and repairing electrical equipment, and making sure that electrical systems adhere to safety and legal requirements are some of the usual duties that electricians may complete.

Presently, Nepal’s electricity supply is primarily antiquated and unreliable. There is a pressing demand for electricians and other associated specialists who can assist in updating these resources because only about 76% of the population has access to basic electricity service there are frequently power interruptions due to Nepal’s unstable electricity service. Due to the requirement for maintenance and repairs of malfunctioning electrical systems, this has increased demand for qualified electricians. However, many places lack access to dependable power services because the infrastructure needed to change these problems is either inadequate or poor service.


1. Electricity surge or dips: Short-term changes in the mains power supply voltage are what both sags and surges are related to.

2. Flickering lights: If you notice flickering lights throughout your home, there may be a problem with the main connection or service cable connection.

3. Frequent light bulb blowouts: The reason of a blowout may be high voltage or a loose connection.

4. Warm and smelly (outlets or switches): Overload or damaged switch can be reason of smelly and warm outlets.

5. Tripping circuit breakers :Electrical overload, poor wiring, or a broken device are possible causes of this

6. Dead outlets: Circuit breaker might have turned off the electricity to your outlet if it had a short circuit or was overloaded.


• Electricity surge or dips:
Electrical surge and dip issues are resolved by Bhetayo’s electricians by locating the source of the problem and taking the necessary action to remedy it. An electrician from Bhetayo’s uses sophisticated tools to evaluate the electrical system and pinpoint the problem before replacing or repairing any damaged parts as necessary

• Flickering light:
The first thing Bhetayo’s electrician will probably do is make sure the electrical connections to the damaged lights are tight and secure. The electrician inspect the light switch to make sure it is operational and not the source of the flickering if the connections are secure. The electricity may not flow consistently if the connectors are slack, which could result in flickering. The electrician may then examine the wiring and electrical panel to find any probable problems that could be causing the flickering if the switch is not the problem.

• Frequent light bulb blowouts:
Frequent light bulb blowouts can be resolved by a Bhetayo’s electrician by first evaluating the circuit to find any flaws. The problem could be caused by a loose wire or old wiring. An expert electrician might advise installing a screw-in surge protector device to stop connected lights and devices from being harmed by power surges if nothing unusual is discovered. The experienced might even advise replacing all current bulbs with premium ones as doing so will considerably extend their lifespan. Last but not least, they might check to see whether the line is being overloaded with electricity, which could lead to excessive heat and blown lightbulbs.

• Warm and smelly (outlets or switches):
The Bhetayo’s electrician will investigate the source of the burning or odorous outlet first. In most cases, this entails looking closely at both cable connectors as well as any exposed or loose wiring that might be the source of an electrical overload at the outlet. The electrician will subsequently inspect other components such as outlets and plugs. To ensure appropriate operation, they may also test ground fault circuits if necessary. Repairs might range from changing a single wire connector to totally rewiring a wall outlet, depending on the inspection’s findings. This is done to securely transfer electricity from one source to another without putting further strain on the wiring systems.

• Tripping circuit breakers:
A circuit overload is the main reason why a circuit breaker trips. Each circuit is only designed to support a specific amount of electrical load, and if it does, the breaker will trip. The wiring would then be examined by the Bhetayo’s electrician for to make sure it was placed correctly and was unharmed. Also, they would look for any loose connections that might be the problem. The Bhetayo’s electrician will look for an overload. If an appliance is the root of the problem, the electrician will advise getting a new one.

• Dead outlets:
Bhetayo’s electricians investigate the cause of the power outage in order to fix a dead outlet. They begin by ensuring that all circuits are still correctly connected and that there is enough electricity flowing into the wall socket. They may need to utilize a voltage meter to find any current imbalances or outlets that are deficient in fully functional electrical components. Along with checking and replacing fuses as necessary, electricians can also fix loose wiring, replace broken switches, reset circuit breakers, repair GFCI (ground fault interrupter) outlets, check grounding wires, and inspect capacitors.

Delivering plumbing service beyond expectation, Expert in what you expect.

The system of pipes, fittings, and other parts used in buildings and other structures to transport water, gas, and waste is referred to as the plumbing system. Plumbing is necessary to remove waste water and other fluids, as well as to supply clean water for drinking, cooking, and other domestic needs.
Pipes that transport water and waste to and from various fixtures, including sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs, make up the plumbing system in a structure. Valve, pump, and water heater components may be found in a plumbing system. A professional plumber may install a plumbing system that is intended for use in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.
A plumber is a tradesperson with expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining drainage, sewage, and drinking water systems in structures. Plumbers are in charge of making sure that the plumbing systems in residences, companies, and public buildings are reliable and secure. In addition to installing and repairing pipes, fittings, and fixtures, plumbers also clear obstructions from toilets and drains, fix or replace water heaters, and troubleshoot leaks, low water pressure, and other plumbing issues.
Plumbers frequently operate in emergency situations and must be able to identify and fix issues fast, so they need to have strong communication skills as well as the capacity to perform well under pressure. They are skilled and certified, operate with a variety of tools and equipment, and


1. Dripping faucets: This is a frequent issue that can waste a lot of water and is frequently brought on by a worn-out washer or seal.
2. Blocked Drains: A number of things, including hair, grease, soap, or other foreign particles, can clog drains.
3. Running Toilets: This may be the result of a number of problems, including a malfunctioning flapper, a broken fill valve, or a leaky tank.
4. Low water pressure: There are a number of problems that can lead to this, including mineral buildup in the pipes or a broken water main.
5. Leaky Pipes: There are numerous problems that can lead to leaky pipes, including corrosion, cracks, or faulty installation.
6. Water Heater Problems: Problems with the thermostat, the pilot light, or the heating element are examples of this.

1. Dripping faucets: The region around the handle and all the pieces are cleaned and dried with a cloth by Bhetayo’s skilled plumber. Check the O-rings on the housing’s exterior. Replace any that are worn out or damaged. Make that the replacement stem or cartridge is inserted accurately and aligned.

2. Blocked Drains: To thoroughly clean the drain, the Bhetayo’s plumber puts the hose far down into it. After that, high-pressure water is shot out of the nozzle. The pressure is sufficient to totally remove any debris stuck to the drainpipe walls, making it difficult for debris to re-accumulate.

3. Running toilets; Bhetayo’s plumbers are skilled at replacing or effectively repairing broken components. The plumber is required to replace a damaged valve or install a new flapper, depending on the reason the toilet is running. Bhetayo’s plumber can ensure that your toilet is functioning properly by inspecting it for any signs of wear and tear, replacing any worn-out parts, and It’s also possible that they’ll need to mend a leaky fill tube or modify the water level in the tank.

4. Low water pressure: Booster pumps are installed by Bhetayo’s Plumber to raise the water pressure. They can also swap your outdated pipes for new ones, which will enhance water flow. You’ll save time and irritation by hiring a Bhetayo’s plumber who has the skills to make these repairs swiftly and efficiently.

5. Leaky Pipes: This could entail tightening a loose connection or replacing a part of the pipe. The Bhetayo’s plumber may need to install an entirely new pipe. Whatever the answer, the plumber will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to quickly and successfully resolve the issue.

6. Water Heater Problems: Parts or perhaps the complete unit may need to be replaced by the plumber from Bhetayo. The Bhetayo’s plumber will offer a repair or replacement cost estimate in such circumstances. The plumber will talk with the homeowner about their alternatives, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each to assist them in making an informed choice.