🎄✨ Illuminate Your Business with Christmas lights 🎄✨

Introducing Our Festive Package at your doorstep at Just Rs. 4999!

 Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Jhilimili Lights. Step into a world of enchantment with Jhilimili Lights. This Christmas and New Year, let your business shine like never before. We bring you an offer that’s not just illuminating but also incredibly affordable! Exclusive Offer Inside Kathmandu Valley:

Bhetayo App is offering an exclusive Jhilimili Lights package for Rs 4999, including 30 strips of lights, installation, uninstallation, and free delivery, making it an unbeatable deal for businesses.

Why Christmas Lights from the Bhetayo app? 

Quality Assurance: Bhetayo’s lights are crafted precisely, ensuring longevity and brilliant performance.

Energy Efficiency: Save on your electricity bill while enjoying the radiant glow of Jhilimili Lights.

Versatility: From storefronts to interiors, our lights are designed to enhance any business space.

Festive Atmosphere: Create an inviting and cheerful atmosphere that attracts customers and boosts staff morale.

Service Excellence: Are you worried about the installation? Worry not! Our skilled professionals will handle the installation and un-installation with utmost care. Sit back and relax as we turn your business into a festive masterpiece.


This festive season, don’t let your business be in the shadows. Illuminate it with the magic of Jhilimili Lights! Seize the opportunity to transform your space at an unbeatable price of Rs 4999. Hurry, the offer is valid only inside Kathmandu Valley, and the festive magic awaits.

Let your business shine bright – because with Jhilimili Lights, it’s not just lighting up space; it’s lighting up celebrations!

Order now and make this Christmas and New Year truly unforgettable for your business. Jhilimili Lights – where brilliance meets affordability!

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Illuminate Your Wedding with Jhilimili Lights: Sparkle and Shine at Just Rs 4999!

Welcome to the dazzling world of Jhilimili Lights, where we transform your wedding celebration into a mesmerizing spectacle! This wedding season, let the radiance of our lights fill your home with warmth and joy.


Jhilimili lights in Nepali weddings aren’t just decorations; they’re sparkling symbols of joy, luck, and cultural tradition. These twinkling lights cast a spell of celebration, and positivity and usher in a bright beginning for the newlyweds and also create a magical backdrop for wedding photos & videos, turning moments into memories.

 Looking for Jhilimili sellers in this crowded Kathmandu Valley might be more unpleasant and headache-inducing due to dishonest and fraudulent vendors.  Here Bhetayo prioritizes reliability, quality, and transparent pricing, making Bhetayo a reliable choice for clients seeking excellence and convenience. Bhetayo ensures a hassle-free experience for clients, ensuring a stress-free journey to illuminate special bihe parties with the perfect Jhilimili lights and making it an easy decision for clients to select Bhetayo as a provider for lights.


Here, unveil the magic of a brilliantly lit ambiance without breaking the bank – all at an incredible price of just Rs. 4999! With 30 strips of lights, delivery, installation, and uninstallation charges included, we’ve got your festivities covered from start to finish.


Setting the Stage for Brilliance:

Picture this – your wedding venue bathed in the soft glow of Jhilimili Lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivates every guest. Our lights are designed to add that touch of magic, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary memories.


Affordable Elegance at Rs. 4999:

 Bhetayo believes that transforming your wedding venue shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. For just Rs. 4999, you can elevate your celebration with 30 strips of radiant lights, ensuring that your special day is remembered for its brilliance and budget-friendly charm.


All-Inclusive Package:

Worried about the hassle of installation and uninstallation? Fret not! Our package includes delivery, installation, and uninstallation charges, making it a seamless experience for you. Focus on creating beautiful memories while we handle the lighting arrangements.


Friendly in the Kathmandu Valley:

Jhilimili Lights is your go-to solution for a bright and beautiful wedding season, especially if you’re located in the valley. Our service ensures that you can easily find and choose the perfect lighting solution for your celebration.



Make your wedding celebration complete and remarkable with Jhilimili Lights. At just Rs. 4999, including 30 strips of lights, free delivery, installation, and uninstallation services inside Kathmandu Valley, this offer is too good to pass up. Illuminate your special day and create memories that shine as bright as the lights themselves. Order now and let the bihe celebrations begin!


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Get the Jhilimili Lights for This Tihar: Just Rs 4500, All-Inclusive!

Tihar, the festival of lights, is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to illuminate your celebrations than with Bhetayo’s incredible LED Lights. Bhetayo is here to make your Tihar even more special with a range of affordable packages that start at just Rs 4500, including – installation, delivery, and even uninstallation, within the Kathmandu Valley.

Our packages include everything you need for a hassle-free lighting experience: 

  1. Affordable Package: Bhetayo offers various packages to suit your needs and budget. Starting at Rs 4500, you can select the one that best fits your home.
  2. Hassle-Free Installation & uninstallation: Bhetayo takes care of everything for you. We offer installation & uninstallation services at no extra cost. Sit back, relax, and watch your home transform with our expert.
  3. Convenient Delivery: Bhetayo understands the importance of timely delivery. That’s why we offer quick and reliable delivery services within the Kathmandu Valley, ensuring you get your lights on time.


Relax and Enjoy: Once you’ve booked, our team will take care of the rest. We’ll install the lights, deliver them to your doorstep, and when Tihar is over, we’ll even uninstall them. Enjoy the festival without any Jhanjhat. & light up Your Tihar with Bhetayo


This Tihar, make your home shine bright with Bhetayo’s LED Lights. Affordable, hassle-free, and stunningly beautiful – it’s the perfect way to celebrate the festival of lights! Don’t miss out; book your lights today!


Additionally, there are other packages available, so for more information

Call: 9801088080, App: http://onelink.to/bhetayo

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