Why Is Seepage Essential in the Rainy Season?

The rainy season in Kathmandu is fun, but it can also bring unwanted problems like seepage in your home. Seepage happens when water seeps through walls, floors, or roofs, causing dampness, mold, and structural damage. If left untreated, seepage can ruin your home’s beauty and strength. But don’t worry, Bhetayo App is here to help!

Why Seepage Happens:

  1. Poor Construction Quality: Low-quality materials and workmanship can allow water to penetrate your home.
  2. Cracks and Gaps: Small cracks in walls, roofs, and foundations can let water in.
  3. Blocked Drains: Clogged drainage systems cause water to accumulate and seep through weak spots.

Problems from Seepage

  1. Weak Walls and Floors: Weakens the foundation and overall structure of your home.
  2. Mold and Bad Smells: Wet areas grow mold & mildew, causing health problems and bad odors.
  3. Pest Problems: Damp areas attract pests like termites & rodents 
  4. Lower Home Value: Water damage can decrease the value of your property.

The Best Solution: Bhetayo App

Meet Bhetayo App, your go-to app for home maintenance, provides waterproofing, and regular maintenance to cure seepage problems. With Bhetayo, you can now easily:

  1. Schedule Service Now: With the Bhetayo App you can easily schedule professional services for your house by only a few phone taps in the Kathmandu Valley.
  2. Get Expert Assessments: To provide complete protection, our experts inspect your house for possible leaks and weak areas.
  3. Enjoy Quick Repairs: Experience fast and reliable experts to fix leaks and seal cracks, keeping your home dry and secure during this rainy season.

Don’t let the rainy season ruin your home. With the Bhetayo App, you can keep your home and building safe and dry. Download the Bhetayo App today and enjoy a stress-free rainy season!

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