Representing Bhetayo as a digital partner in CPL campaign.

On the momentous occasion of Bhetayo’s first anniversary. Bhetayo collaborated with the Maina Devi Foundation as a digital partner in the Cleaning Premier League, where the company’s major goal was to make a positive contribution to society.
The platform Bhetayo App offers a variety of home-based services right to customers’ doors. Bhetayo also offers cleaning as one of its services. Therefore, Bhetayo participates in the cleaning program by leveraging its expertise and ideas/techniques for cleaning in order to promote as well as contribute to society.

The league’s major goal was to encourage young people to participate and inform them of the undertaking’s current situation. Bhetayo always has the client’s health in mind when providing cleaning services of the highest caliber. Therefore, maintaining a clean and gremlin-free environment is a shared objective and ambition of both the Maina Devi Foundation and Bhetayo. Bhetayo thus participated in this Cleaning Premier League as a Digital Partner.

Finally, the program went extremely well, and Bhetayo is pleased to join the cleaning league and have a positive impact on society in whatever way we can.


-Kiran Chaulagain.