Planning a romantic date on Valentine’s? But your house is a mess? – here Bhetayo at your rescue.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is undoubtedly in the air. But wait, is your house looking less than inviting? A messy house can be a real mood killer, but worry not! Bhetayo is here to sweep your worries and the dust away, transforming your home into a romantic haven, just in time for the day of love.


A Sparkling Solution to Your Messy Room:

Forget the panic that comes with a cluttered space. For just Rs 5000, Bhetayo offers an exclusive 1 BHK cleaning service, including interior glass cleaning, ensuring your home shines brighter than a diamond. Now, isn’t that a great deal for lovebirds?


Romance Ready in No Time:

Bhetayo offers a comprehensive cleaning service, ensuring your home is ready for a romantic evening with sparkling windows and dust-free corners, ensuring a clean and fragrant environment for your special day.


More Time for Love, Less for Cleaning:

Why spend hours cleaning when you can focus on planning the perfect date? From a candlelit dinner at home to your favorite movie marathon, save your energy for creating memories. Let Bhetayo handle the mess while you handle the love!


A Gift of Love and Care:

A clean home is not just about appearances; it’s about creating a comfortable and loving environment for you and your partner. This Valentine’s Day, gift your loved one not just chocolates or flowers, but the luxury of a clean, serene home. It’s a gesture that truly speaks a lot.


Book Your Rescue Today!

Don’t let a messy house dampen the spirit of love. Embrace the magic of Valentine’s Day with a beautifully clean home, courtesy of Bhetayo. For a romantic date without the clutter and chaos, book your 1 BHK cleaning at just Rs 5000 today. Trust us, it’s the first step to making your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.


Remember, love thrives in clean spaces. Let Bhetayo be your cupid in disguise, setting the scene for a romantic escapade right in your cleaned home.


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