Frequenty Asked Questions is a one stop solution for all your service-based needs. From electricians and plumbers to yoga instructors and home teachers. It is a platform that enables customers to book reliable and high-quality service delivered by trained professionals conveniently at their home, office or any institute.

For Service Providers: It provides a platform that allows skilled and experienced professionals to connect directly with users looking for specific service.

For Users: It is a one stop solution for all your daily problems. All it takes is a couple of clicks and your selected service provider will be on the way to your location.

We require you to register with us so that we can verify your identity as either a customer or a service provider. As a customer, registration allows you to access our entire database of service providers and choose the one you see fit. If you are a service provider, we first verify your resume and past experience and then allow you to post your details to our database. This ensures that all the services listed on the website are genuine. Additionally, registration also enables us to recognize your account should you encounter any problems or forget your password.

Registration is really easy with us. We just require basic information like your name, email id, phone number and address. After that, you can use all our services easily. To make the process even simpler, you can choose to register with us through your Facebook profile. All it takes is a couple of clicks and you can start using all our services.

No, using our service is completely free. However, before posting your resume to our website, we will first verify your identity and past experience according to your resume. For this reason, please provide us with references when submitting your resume.

In case you forget your password, we will email your old password to the email address that was used to register with us. You can also call us directly and once we verify your identity; we will help you reset your password immediately.

Our service is available from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week.

Bhetayo attempts to be as accurate as possible in terms of service but does not hold guarantee that it is completely error free. Monitoring each individual and their activities is next to impossible, so, we try to scan each profile meticulously in terms of expertise and experience before entering them into our service.

We cater to any location within Kathmandu valley. However, we plan to expand our services all over Nepal.

Yes, you can. However, you need to inform us over the phone at a reasonable time.

Our cost varies as per the services.

Bhetayo comes with more than 40 on demand services including electrician, plumbing, beautician, tutor and babysitter among others.

We accept card payment, cash on delivery, esewa, online banking transaction or any other digital medium for payments.

You can directly call us at 9043643625 or mail us at [email protected].

Step 1: Register

Fill the form with all the details mentioned such as name, address, email id and contact details or simply login with Facebook.

Step 2: Book a service

Search for any desired service you are looking for. Choose your service providers by looking at their past reviews and experience.

Step 3: Confirmation

Schedule or book the time as per your preferences and the provider will arrive at the provided location.

Absolutely! We only bring in professionals who have been recommended and certified by experts. We conduct interviews, check referrals, licenses, and do background checks on each and every service provider. Only those professionals who pass our strict onboarding process are allowed to work with Bhetayo.

In the unlikely event of our team damaging something, you can email us at [email protected] or give us a call @ 9845678910

Yes, it is advisable for you to be around when the job is getting done. You are requested to take care of your personal belongings or valuables in the presence of our Service Providers. Bhetayo will not be liable for any damage or theft arising in case of failure to do so.

All supplies would be purchased by the Service Provider after consulting with you. We would assume basics such as ladder and cleaning cloth be available at your home. A bill would be provided for all the purchases made by the Service Provider.

After each service is completed, our customers are asked to rate the service on different parameters and judge the overall satisfaction of the service.

If you do have any complaints, suggestions or feedback with regard to the service quality, or our service provider, pricing etc please report it to our Customer Support Desk at 015………. or mail us at [email protected]. It is advised to do this within 24hrs of your service.

Go to the Google App store and search for Bhetayo. The App is free to download and available for both iOS and android.

Absolutely! Our experience on mobile is among the best! It's as easy as Book, Schedule & Relax. Book a service, schedule a time and relax while the job gets done at your home by our expert team. Additionally, there will be offers that are exclusive to the app from time to time. There are many other exciting features that you will soon see on your app in the coming days. The Bhetayo app is truly the best way to be rewarded for taking care of your home!

We do not have hourly or day-wise rates. Our rates are dependent on the workmanship/skillset required and time needed to complete the work. However, the rates may not always be directly proportional to the time spent on the work.

It is absolutely safe for you to trust our service providers. All our service providers go through a round of background verification before being hired. Moreover, our Operations Team is always in constant touch with the service providers while the work is being done.