Affordable Cleaning Services for Kathmandu Valley Residents & offices.

Maintaining a clean and organized environment is essential for both residential spaces and offices. However, busy lifestyles and demanding work schedules often leave individuals with little time for thorough cleaning. This is where professional cleaning services come to the rescue. In Kathmandu Valley, the need for efficient and affordable cleaning services has grown exponentially. Thankfully, residents and office owners in the Kathmandu Valley can now rely on budget-friendly cleaning services offered by “Bhetayo” making it easier than ever to enjoy a clean and healthy environment without breaking the

Why Cleanliness Matters: 

Whether it’s a living space or a workspace, cleanliness plays a vital role in promoting a healthy and productive environment. A clean space contributes to physical well-being, reduces stress, and enhances overall aesthetics. For businesses, maintaining a clean office space can leave a positive impression on clients and employees alike, boosting morale and productivity.

Our Services:

 Bhetayo offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services to meet the various requirements of companies and residents in the Kathmandu Valley.


Residential Cleaning:

From apartments to houses, our residential cleaning services cater to all kinds of living spaces. Our trained professionals ensure that every corner is meticulously cleaned, leaving your home spotless and inviting. Our services include:

  1. Dusting and wiping of surfaces
  2. Vacuuming and mopping of floors
  3. Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  4. Window cleaning
  5. Upholstery Cleaning
  6. Office Cleaning:

Starts @ Rs 5 per sq. ft

Office Cleaning:

A clean and organized office space fosters productivity and a positive work atmosphere. Bhetayo’s Cleaning Service understands the unique cleaning needs of offices and offers services such as:

  1. Desk and workstation cleaning
  2. Floor cleaning and maintenance
  3. Restroom sanitization
  4. Trash disposal
  5. Common area cleaning

Starts @Rs 5 per sq ft.



Residents and businesses in the Kathmandu Valley can benefit from Bhetayo’s expert cleaning services without breaking the bank with Bhetayo Cleaners. Their dedication to convenience, quality, and price sets them apart in the cleaning sector. Bhetayo’s comprehensive services can take care of your needs, whether you need a deep cleaning of your house or routine office maintenance. Experience the transformation of your living and working spaces with Bhetayo Cleaners today.

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